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When dealing with a domestic dispute, an officer in Arizona only needs to have probable cause. This means that an officer only needs to reasonably believe that domestic violence has occurred. It is also up to the officer to decide whether any further violence or disruptions will occur if someone is not removed. If the officer believes that there will be further violence or another disruption then you can be arrested.  The officer can also arrest both parties if they believe that each party independently committed an act of domestic violence.

To be convicted of a domestic violence-related offense a prosecutor must first prove that you committed a certain violent act or property crime. You must have committed one of the specific crimes listed in A.R.S. §13-3601.

Secondly a prosecutor must prove that the relationship between the aggressor and the victim falls within the domestic violence laws. The following relationships are protected:

  • current or former spouses
  • persons who have a child together
  • the defendant or victim is pregnant by the other part
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